Egyptian Girl Writes About Everyday Life In Egypt

Cute Egyptian Actress And Model Yara Naoum

Yara Naoum is really beautiful Egyptian actress, model and interior designer. Yara Naoum born and raised in Cairo/Egypt by her mother & grandmother..As Her Parents got divorced when she was a baby..She has originally a mixture of Lebanese & Turkish royal blood roots.. Yara Had this first sight love with every animal she saw since she was a child. That’s why she never lived without a pet,One of her life time dreams is opening a shelter for stray animals. Her Mother Worked as a model for few Years & her Elder brother was into Music & Art . Thus born into a world of creativity, Yara took a very early interest in both music and physical expression,She Started writing articles about things that affected her personal life in school paper when she was just 9 years old . While developing her musical skills,Yara played different instruments without reading musical notes. she was also doing Patinage & gymnastics, by the age of 11, she became on the Team of Maadi Patinage Players embarking on a career as an elite-gymnast. Unfortunately, Yara then suffered from an injury in her spine that forced her to quit gymnastics for good. That development brought her focus back to music & Drawing, She then went to The School of Drawing for a One Year Course & after she took some training for hip-hop and popping Dance.

According to Yara “I believe in believing in yourself and always making the best of a situation, though at the same time being aware of the obstacles ahead and ways to overcome them while staying true to yourself. Because you make your own decisions and chose your own way through life. Be open to the world around you, travel, embrace diversity, feed off your surroundings, expand your mind through new knowledge, explore the unknown and redefine the known! When life hits you the hardest and you have to find your inner strength, you gather it all to know and feel what is most important to you. “When you see me, you see a small part of what I’ve been through, where I am now, and what I’m going to be”.

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